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Consign a Car at Lamborghini San Diego

We know that your luxury vehicle collection is beyond reproach -- a carefully curated selection of cars that spans eras, marques and segments. Together, they paint a picture of who you are as a connoisseur of fine motoring.

But what do you do when the time comes to slim down your personal fleet of highly exclusive saloons and sports cars? You don’t simply turn to online marketplaces as you might with a run-of-the-mill commuter car. You need to reach serious buyers who know and understand the provenance, rarity and value of the vehicle you’re releasing from your collection. For such instances, there is no better solution than our luxury car consignment services.

Our Lamborghini retailer in San Diego offers complete consignment sales options designed to help you take advantage of our loyal client base and renowned reputation. Give us a call today to learn more.

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What Is Vehicle Consignment?

Automotive consignment is a simple concept: rather than sell your car on the private market or trade it in to your local dealer, you contract with another party who agrees to sell the car on your behalf. Once the car is sold, you will get the proceeds from the sale less any fees or service charges.

To make it clear, consigning your car at Lamborghini San Diego isn’t the same as selling it to us outright or trading it in. You’re just leveraging our expertise and connections to help you sell your car faster and more easily than were you to try and do so independently.

Why Consign a Car vs. Arrange a Private Sale?

Consigning a vehicle presents several benefits to car owners looking to sell. These can include:

Simplicity. In a private sale, you juggle everything: taking photos, fielding prospective buyers, arranging test-drives, weeding out tire kickers and so on. It’s taxing and draining. By consigning, you bypass all that. We’ll handle the marketing, phone calls and vehicle showings. All you need to do is wait for us to share the good news that your car sold.

Reach: We work regularly with some of the most ardent SoCal luxury car enthusiasts, including repeat O’Gara clients who know our consigned vehicles must meet the same standards of our new and pre-owned luxury cars. By consigning your vehicle with us, you’re accessing a network of potential buyers who have the means and intentions to purchase your exotic car.

Earnings. Cars typically have two different valuations: retail value and trade-in value. Retail value is what a car is worth on the open market. Trade-in value is more akin to wholesale value, or what a car is worth to dealers and other resellers. Trade-in value is almost always less than retail value but allows you to get your money today.

By consigning a car, you get the best of both worlds: a final payout that’s closer to retail value but with the effortless, no-work-needed perks of the trade-in process. The monetary benefits of this arrangement are especially relevant in the realm of ultra-luxury vehicles, including those offered at Lamborghini San Diego. Models like older Huracán and Aventador supercars rarely follow conventional depreciation patterns due to their exclusivity, which means sellers can benefit from higher transaction prices.

Crunch the numbers and you’ll find that consignment services are often the most financially attractive way to sell a used hypercar or supercar in Southern California.

Consign a Car Near Me

Don’t waste your time on online car sales platforms or virtual vehicle auctions when you need to put up your Lamborghini for sale -- get your supercar or hypercar in front of California’s most discerning drivers with Lamborghini San Diego consignment services.

Whether you want to consign a Lamborghini or another similarly exclusive vehicle, Contact Lamborghini San Diego today and discover how we make selling an exotic car effortless.


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