Explore The Lamborghini Urus

The SUV has proven to be the vehicle of choice for today’s discerning buyers. But what does a fully actualized ultra-luxury SUV look like? Is it practical and indulgent? Track-ready? Styled like nothing else on the road? The Lamborghini Urus is all this and more. It is the SUV that embodies every word in the phrase Sport Utility Vehicle.

At our San Diego Lamborghini retailer, the Urus has proven to be a sensation. Its appeal begins with the styling, which is at once completely novel and yet entirely Lamborghini. California drivers will also find that every new Urus for sale at our luxury boutique embodies the Italian supercar heritage so closely associated with the marque’s legendary coupes and roadsters.

You will see this in the Urus interior particularly, where the cabin is more akin to a cockpit — and you are the pilot. Earn your wings by visiting our showroom today.

An exterior shot of a yellow Lamborghini Urus driving on a dirt road during the daytime.

An exterior shot of a New Lamborghini Urus driving with the headlights on during a rainy night in a city.

New Lamborghini Urus Specs & Performance

Lamborghini offers Southern California drivers two flavors of their performance-oriented SUV: the Urus S and Urus Performante. At the heart of both new Lamborghini Urus trims is a powertrain featuring a twin-turbo V8; the visceral thrill of experiencing this Urus engine at full throttle is unmistakable and addictive. Its 657 horsepower can quicken pulses, dilate pupils, send shivers up spines — and captivate any San Diego Lamborghini fan on just a single Urus test-drive.

What other Urus performance highlights distinguish this SUV? Consider these standout metrics and features:

  • 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbocharged engine with up to 657 hp & 627 lb-ft of torque
  • Top track speed of 189 mph
  • 0-to-60 mph in under 3.5 seconds
  • ANIMA Selector

Discover Lamborghini Urus Interior & Technology

Everyday usability is a defining attribute of the Urus interior. You’ll see this even without consulting the Urus specs sheet — simply sitting in the back seat or raising the rear hatch during a Urus review and test-drive is enough to convey the practical design considerations that guided this luxury performance SUV’s development.

Of course, high-end details abound in the cabin, including available Alcantara® upholstery and carbon fiber trim. Technologies like interactive touchscreens and a 21-speaker audio system are further proof that every new Lamborghini Urus for sale in San Diego is designed for your every need.

  • Bang & Olufsen┬« audio system with 21 speakers
  • Lamborghini Infotainment System III (LIS III)
  • Two intuitive touchscreens with haptic feedback
  • Voice command features
An interior shot of a New Lamborghini Urus touchscreen and steering wheel.

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